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"As a kid in the 3 to 5-year old-I'm guessing the trips in the truck with all the family running across the country from Marion county raceway in Marion, Ohio on a Saturday night then to places like US 131 Drag way up in Martin, Michigan, we would, actually dad would drag our bikes and mini bikes to all the races.

Now Franz and Hilga are fairly experienced RVers. And having spent a lot of years around RV parks they have seen what happens in all kinds of situations when care is not taken to keep an RV from moving on its own. It does not take much! Remember, when it comes to small inclines, mass times gravity equals acceleration! Now I am mostly talking about trailers and fifth wheels more than class A RV's. But even they can move a little with the brakes engaged. The best way to assure safety at all times is the chock the wheels of a parked RV, especially when disconnecting two attached vehicles.

Gates then followed Crowley down the stairs of his house, shouting and after all attempts failed to calm gates, he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. The charge was later dropped.

Always get a CarFax report before buying a used car. A car is a big investment and you don't want to regret it in two months when you find out the vehicle has chronic troubles under the hood. A CarFax report will tell you if the car has ever been salvaged, rebuilt or flooded, it will check for odometer fraud and any major accidents, fire damage, or if the car has ever been stolen. It also will give you a registration check so you'll know if the car was leased, rented, or used as a taxi or CarShield. A CarFax report will guarantee that you can buy with total confidence making it a must for any used car shopper.

Lastly, at least for now, Joel Franco, a 17 year old student at a Miami-Dade high school in Florida, who saw a security guard slam a student who was involved in a heated argument with another student. That guard, another guard and even the assistant principal either threatened suspension or physically manhandled him to get him to erase the video.

Where legal, a radar / laser detector may save you from some tickets but be aware that police may use strategies that may render these devices to be less effective than desired.

In a similar vein, the officer will advise you of your Miranda rights and you should remember that you have the right to remain silent. You do not need to answer any questions other than your name and address. If you volunteer any other information or confess to the crime, your statements will be used against you during your trial. However, you may tell the officer that you want to speak to an attorney. After you ask for an attorney, the officer cannot ask you any more questions.

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